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UPS Freight LTL – Promote your account to production

Great news…

One of the problems with getting UPS freight LTL integrated within your Magento (really any eCommerce solution) store front is UPS’s rigid requirements to promote your UPS Freight LTL SOAP account to a production status (ability to use their ‘production’ freight calculator). They require you to send a very specific SOAP request to their test server. The test server will analyze the request, and if all is good, your account will be promoted. Promotion to production is VERY important.

Until now, my customers who purchased my UPS extension, had to follow some tedious documentation to request promotion. Lots of steps… Things like setting up temporary products, dummy addresses, etc… Most of the time, I ended up having to get involved to assist.

The latest release of the extension now includes a test mode to request a production key. You simply set a flag in your extension’s config screen and request a quote. The extension itself prepares the SOAP request in the format required to gain production access. The request goes off and UPS responds with a generated quote in the cart. This quote is used to complete the remaining screens on the UPS site to request production status. I added several screen shots from both magento and the UPS site to help walk you through the process within the included documentation.