Magento UPS LTL Freight Extension

I just completed work on a Magento UPS LTL Freight extension which will query UPS Freight’s web services for rates and display them during the Magento checkout process (and shipping estimate). This interface was a bit more complicated to get working as I was unable to find any UPS freight interface examples using PHP. UPS’s freight service is also different from FedEx in that they use soap and ssl and I had a hard time getting the underlying Zend framework’s soap wrapper to cooperate. Anyway, I have it working and I validated the rates against their rate calculator and it is working well. I have a few things to still cleanup and some documentation to write (mostly around how to obtain a Freight access key).

Special thanks to Shannon at for partnering with me to get needed account info from UPS.

The landing site for the extension is at: Magento UPS LTL Freight Extension

Check back later for updates. I hope to be completed within the next week or so.


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